5 tips to avoid miscommunication at the workplace

Miscommunication is the most overused term whenever something goes wrong. Are communicating by email with your team and other key players to run your operations? Are you battling communications issues like many departments are? Do those incidents get escalated only to fall under the miscommunication umbrella? Flooding people’s inboxes with threads of e-mails and “FYI’s”… Continue reading 5 tips to avoid miscommunication at the workplace

The ‘Mohammed’ effect and social change

At any moment throughout history there have been terminologies to describe those who are or are not socially acceptable. Ethnic and religious backgrounds are the first criteria to categorise who the ‘bad guy’, or the most recent term – terrorist, is. The English definition of the term is: ter·ror·ist ˈterərəst/ Noun Noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists… Continue reading The ‘Mohammed’ effect and social change

Get a guide to 22,600 activities at your fingertips

Traveling is not always easy and glamorous, especially for budget travelers. Figuring out where to start and how, where nothing looks familiar, is challenging. The amount of research, websites and bookings are overwhelming. GetYourGuide, categorizes 22,600 activities under one platform. GetYourGuide has the world’s biggest collection of things to do when exploring new cities. The company… Continue reading Get a guide to 22,600 activities at your fingertips

Corporate Profile

Ian Bradbury, Founder and CEO of the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Forces (NAEF) Ian Bradbury is an expert in defence advisory and analysis. Bradbury delivers sound guidance and advice to clients. He has extensive experience with private and national agencies. In 2014, Ian founded the 1st New Allied Expeditionary Forces (NAEF), a Canadian-registered, not-for-profit organization working… Continue reading Corporate Profile