3 Guaranteed tools to gather an army of advocates

This blog is in continuance of my previous 3 Steps to Make a Movement. At the end of that blog I mentioned that rallying supporters for your cause or movement is a very important step to making an impact. This blog will give you tips and tools on how to establish a relationship with your… Continue reading 3 Guaranteed tools to gather an army of advocates

Turkey is one fascinating country! It is the link between Europe and Asia with great food and very hospitable people. I would suggest starting in Istanbul, which is not the capital. (Ankara is the capital.) Istanbul is a historic city visited by millions of tourists yearly. It is always busy but according to my experience… Continue reading

Hi my name is Christian and I am a travel addict (TA). It all started the first time I got on a plane. That feeling of going somewhere unknown gave me an unbelievable rush, one that I have craved ever since and one I still get every time I go somewhere new, every time I… Continue reading