Get a guide to 22,600 activities at your fingertips

Traveling is not always easy and glamorous, especially for budget travelers. Figuring out where to start and how, where nothing looks familiar, is challenging. The amount of research, websites and bookings are overwhelming. GetYourGuide, categorizes 22,600 activities under one platform.

GetYourGuide has the world’s biggest collection of things to do when exploring new cities. The company is world’s most successful travel start-up.  Showing travelers the world is the business of thousands of professional local guides employed by GetYourGuide.

As huge believers in travel memories and adventures, GetYourGuide offers their customers the plans to go exploring this big world.  GetYourGuide allows travelers to customize trips according to their interests, time and budget. If you find any similar activities for cheaper they will beat the price.

Considering global time zones, for the travelers’ convenience, GetYourGuide has picked top-notch customer support representatives to work around the clock with offices in North America and Europe. The customer service team is always on call whether you’re already on your adventure or still at home surfing the web.

GetYourGuide not only make the process of planning a trip easy, but they also makes it easier logistically. Their trips are offered during different times of the day. They always depart from areas accessible by public transport and the meeting points are almost always famous landmarks. At the end of each tour, guides help customers get oriented  with things to do on their own in the area, or direct them to their hotel if necessary.

Founded in 2009, GetYourGuide has expanded into six global markets and opened offices in Berlin, Las Vegas, and Zurich. Awards and honors received include the Swiss Economic Award 2013, the Swiss ICT Award 2012, the 2011 De Vigier Prize, and the Swiss Venture Leaders award in 2010.

Various avid travelers have recommended GetYourGuide. It is simply one of the best ways to discover a city on a time limit. The options and customization of the tours and friendly guides make a n easy and enjoyable travel experience. It’s a big world out there; go exploring at




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