The ‘Mohammed’ effect and social change

At any moment throughout history there have been terminologies to describe those who are or are not socially acceptable. Ethnic and religious backgrounds are the first criteria to categorise who the ‘bad guy’, or the most recent term – terrorist, is.

The English definition of the term is:

Noun: terrorist; plural noun: terrorists
A person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims

The English dictionary defines the aim behind the act, and not what a person looks like. What is even more ironic is that the face of a terrorist was an Irish person only a few decades ago. This would lead us to understand that 20.4 % of the population of Boston is affiliated with terrorist organizations. A majority of this group has never seen Ireland or even traveled abroad.

Religious Freedom, the mohammed effect, inclusion, racism, donald trump, Islam, Muslim, Arabs, Islam in America

In modern day it is very contradictory to advocate diversity while people are racially profiled and judged because of popular perception. Unfortunately, the image of a terrorist is now directly connected to a religious group, which happens to be the most widespread religion in the world.

Religious freedom, postal stamps, united stated, Islam in America, Racism, racial profiling, Donald TrumpThe United States of America is spearheading the “war on terrorism”. The country that initiated civil rights acts and claims to be a defender of democracy is about to vote for a presidential candidate promoting radical opinions of racism and discrimination. Does anyone else notice the hypocrisy in this scenario? Meanwhile there are about 3.3 million Muslims citizens in the US who could very well be in the same situation as the Irish were a couple of decades ago.

I could go on about the subjects of inclusivity, freedom of religion and basic human rights which are such diverse but related topics, however, my point of this post is: don’t be influenced by opinions initiated by political agendas.

Accept, don’t judge and allow people the benefit of a doubt. Live and let live.






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