The Pokémon Go phenomenon

When the whole world started raving about a mobile application that basically allows you to virtually catch a mythical creature, I felt compelled to do my research. The news reports I found were mixed. Some media channels have reported a lot of accidents and bad experiences involving the wrongful usage of the application.

I understand change can be difficult to accept, especially if it is taking the world by a storm. Having masses of people looking at their phone screens and scavenging for mythical digital creatures might sound very eccentric. A lot of business owners have complained and expressed their frustration, but look at the glass half full. Here are some potential ways for you to utilise this innovation:

  1. Those people chasing virtual creatures are your potential customers.
  1. As a small business you can always invest in that cheap way of advertising on the app, increasing traffic to your business and therefore your sales.
  1. Cater to that target market and make more money.

Pokémon Go users, do the world a couple of favours:

Don’t play while you’re driving. It has been illegal to use handheld devices while driving in most the world for a while before the new app launched.

While visiting historic sites, places that have shaped the way humanity is today, grant such places the amount of respect they’re due. Again cellphones, cameras and recording devices are not permitted at historic sites for various reasons. On a different note I am sure that the developers will be able to find ways to avoid placing Pokémon in such locations to help preserve to the identity and integrity of such locations.

From a healthier angle, I would like to give credit to the app developers for getting people more active. Kids and adults are willingly enjoying outdoor activities, chasing a virtual Pokémon. Hey, I’ll take that over extended hours of couch surfing.

Finally, I fully support technology and believe our innovations are our legacy to this world, but everything must be done in moderation. Be safe, make sure you are in a proper environment where you can look at your mobile screen and walk around freely. And most important remember that #youdonthavetocatchthemall


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