To Post or not to Post !

That moment you realise you made a huge mistake. The butterflies in your stomach, and your endless search for a safe spot to hide and cry a little!

We have all made brutal social media mistakes. That one wrong post in a group you are managing can be a nightmare! Since I made  my social media slip-up, the interview question about mistakes I made and what I learnt has never been so easy to answer.

Without going into the details of my potential nightmare, let us discuss the best ways to fix such public mistakes. First of all, do not ever think that you can sweep those public statements under the rug and hope for the best. You are wrong !

If you mess up, fess up!

Everyone makes mistakes; once you are done crying and throwing a fit about it, get back to your public and:

  1. Communicate with them on a human level,
  2. Apologise for the wrong information you have provided, and
  3. Re-build the trust you lost.

The beauty of the online world is that you can fix slip-ups as fast as you make them; all it takes is a clear two-way communications plan.

Customers expect and deserve more customized services from companies in this competitive market. Mistakes happen and depending on their magnitude, people forget and/or forgive. It is up to communicators to come up with the best plan to accelerate that process.

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