5 tips to avoid miscommunication at the workplace

Miscommunication is the most overused term whenever something goes wrong. Are communicating by email with your team and other key players to run your operations? Are you battling communications issues like many departments are? Do those incidents get escalated only to fall under the miscommunication umbrella?

Flooding people’s inboxes with threads of e-mails and “FYI’s” are not the solution or a proper way to communicate. Imagine you are trying to go through with a transaction, and the sales representative calls you multiple times about different inquiries. What are the odds of one of you missing something? On the high side, if you ask me. The problem is you realize it too late, usually when your order is delivered, or when you get billed for something you didn’t want! Miscommunication.

The same thing happens in the workplace when everyone is trying to meet deadlines. As communicators, it is our job to be strategic, so why not live up to that expectation? Start by planning your message. This process means:

  • Create contact lists;
  • Deliver the right message to the right colleague;
  • Summarize, target and share information; if you don’t have time to read a 1000 words e-mail, no one else does;
  •  Remember the key rules of business writing: One paragraph = three sentences = twelve words a sentence; and
  • Include impactful and important messages to lure your audience.

People are creatures of habit. If they know your emails are to the point and that you are not sharing irrelevant information, they will start reading your messages regularly. Once your internal messaging is as clear and impactful as your external communication, you will have less face palm moments.


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